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Ongoing Healing Sessions are available by appointment only, to make your appointment call (703)281-9410
Give powerful crystal healing without the crystals. Through this Attunement and training you will gain access to the energy of the specific crystals and gemstones and be able to channel it by intention. Ethereal Crystals are stronger than those in material expression. You can place them on/in the body just by intention and the stones will disappear when the energy is no longer needed.
Founded by Reiki Master James Purner. Golden Triangle is a spiritual Technique that can be used a number of ways, distant or in person. After you have practiced it will increase you mental/telepathic abilities By stimulating the Third Eye Chakra. Feels similar to Reiki and Seichim.
Imara Reiki is a higher vibrational energy level than some other Reiki systems because of it’s focused intentions. Imara Reiki is an intense form of Reiki energy and feels slightly different. Imara Reiki doesn’t use symbols, uses a new and easy attunement process. Students feel a strong connection to Spirit with Ascended Masters, Angels, etc. Imara Reiki can heal repressed issues, physical, emotional, mention and spiritual.
Inner Sun Reiki combines and teaches several schools of thought from Usui Reiki, GTummo Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and others. Students will be taught Chakra Balancing; Acupoint based hand position, self healing Chakra Light Meditation, GTummo Reiki meditation using hand positions. New symbols for your teaching toolbox.
Karuna Ki Reiki is an advanced form of Reiki developed by Vincent Amador. Karuna Ki is intended for Usui Reiki Masters, uses the same Symbols Karuna Reiki and Tera Mai Reiki, but has different attunements and exercises. Karuna Ki is compassionate energy and healing connecting To the Heart of Reiki.
Kundalini Reiki also known as Kundalini Fire is the universal energy that run through our bodies. Energy flows from the root charka at the base of the spine to the crown charka at top of head. When this channel is open you have access to this powerful source of energy. Kundalini Reiki is an effective way of cleansing the charkas in a variety of physical manifestations This course includes three Kundalini Reiki attunements and six booster Attunements and spans a 2 month time frame because of time required between each attunement.
Note: If not Karuna Reiki Master, will need the Buddhic Boost Attunment before starting Lightarian training. Lightarian Reiki is inspired by Ascended Master Buddha, another advanced form of Reiki to help accelerate the healing process. Lightarian Reiki prepares you to deliver a broader spectrum of healing energies by extending the vibrational Karuna Reiki modalities. No Symbols.
This training offers unique guide ship connections with the highest Angelic Realms. Creates permanent energetic connections for you with each of the five members of this Angelic Group: Seraph Rose Aura, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Uriel. The energectic themes are: unconditional love, non judgement, Courage, joy and healing.
There are six level of the rings, with each level give a deeper and more Expansive connection to the realm of the Seraphim angels, a specialized Angelic team that have stepped forward to assist you in your evolution And expandion of your energetic vibration.
A five step program for complete self development created by the Celestial Masters focusing on the five fundamental processes for raising one’s energy: Self Empowerment; Clearing; Healing; Activation and Manifestation, work with Ascended Masters Maitreya, El Morya; Buddha; Sananda; and St. Germaine.
Mari-El Reiki is the Healing Energy of Mother Mary and the Godhead. MariEl is a heart centered hands-on healing technique introduced by Ethel Lombardi. The energy of Mari-El Reiki probes to the core of the soul and facilitates release at a cellular level, of old blockages, patterns, memories, traumas and pain. Healing session involves drawing energy patterns over the body in the etheric field.
Sacred Flames Reiki is a powerful system founded by Allison Dahlhaus from Different resources in the physical and spiritual realms to share with all those drawn to the energy. There are no symbols. In working with the Healing modality, as you work with the client you are placing sacred healing Flames in the charkas and other area needed the healing. This system will also connect you to Ascended Masters and Angelic Realm.
Seichim, pronounced ‘say-keem’, an Egyptian word meaning power was discovered by Patrick Zeigler in much the mystical way that Dr. Usui re-discovered Reiki. Sometimes, Seichim is spelled: Sekhem or SKHM. known as the Living Light energy, Seichim is a complete healing system which incorporates symbols and energy work and is passed by way a a singular attunement. Seichim balances masculine and feminine energies.
Silver Violet Flame Reiki is a high frequency spiritual energy and is not connected to or similar to Violet Flame Reiki. This was brought back by Saint Germain and is the seventh ray of the Universe’s consciousness. The Silver Violet Flame is invoked by reciting a simple mantra, possesses qualities of freedom, alchemy, justice, joy, forgiveness and mercy. Silver Violet Flame transmutes anything negative to positive/loving energy.
Tibetan Reiki provides a complete system of energy healing that assists in bringing all our energies into harmony. Included in the training is Charka empowerment; strengthening the light body, cleansing and opening the third eye channels, changing and replacing DNA, knowledge of hidden mysteries and more.
First Degree Reiki; Second Degree Reiki, Reiki Master Practitioner and Master Teacher Level. All levels are done during separate workshops. Usui Reiki is an excellent foundation upon which you can build your energy healing skills and in fact is required training for many wonderful healing systems. Founded by Mikao Usui, and continued by Dr. Hayashi and Hawayo Takata and then many master teachers, Reiki teaches one self healing techniques and then moves students into healing others.
Violet Flame Reiki, also known as Quan Yin Reiki is brought to us by Ivy Moore. Violet Flame Reiki introduces us to the loving energy of Quan Yin and St. Germain. This is not better than other Reiki techniques, just a different vibration, like colors of a rainbow. The emphasis of Violet Flame Reiki is healing with a pure heart. Mantras and 10 symbols taught.
Universal Rays are a series of seven attunements that correspond to the chakra system. Each ray is brought forth by an ascended master who serves as a guardian of the higher lesson of that realm. Universal Rays is not a healing system like Reiki, the rays serve as a self transformational series which when completed will propel you further along your spiritual path. Ascended Masters who work with Universal Rays: Master Hilarion; Mother Mary, Serapis Bay, Quan Yin, El Moyra, St. Germaine and Melchizedek.
White Dove Reiki enables the Reiki Practitioner to have assistance in healing and attunement process. Most Reiki Masters use different modalities to focus the energies during healing and attunements, White Dove Reiki enable you to have a central focal point in which to direct Those energies: a White Dove. An example: in doing Distant Healing and or attunements, you create the energy and then to client/student on the wings of a White Dove.
(Call for Fees and Times for any of the above Healing Modalities)

Please call 703-281-9410 for more information and appointments.

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