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For most people, higher dimensional energies are invisible.

This is true with crystal energy, however, a large number of people can "feel" their energy.

The crystal is a neutral object whose inner structure exhibits a state of perfection and balance and emits this vibration to others.

The healing energies transmitted by crystals work at the level of our subtle energetic bodies. Subtle energies transmitted into the body by quartz crystals are resonantly absorbed and assimilated by the body's own bio-crystalline system, which is a unique network of cellular elements with quartz-like properties.

Healers use crystals to amplify their own healing fields and direct them into the body in a more coherent and organized fashion.

People today are more receptive to the knowledge about what crystals are and how they work. So, as we move into new ways of understanding energy, the essence f crystals and stones is developing. They are tools for healing energy. They are instruments of power to embrace, develop, and manifest the light within. Crystals are guides and tools. Like attracts like. We are "the light" and crystals are "the light."

Crystal energy is very powerful and cannot be overstated. Crystals are used in lasers, watches, radios, and many more pieces of technical equipment.

We have a different form of consciousness than crystals, but still, communication between us is possible because our brain contains a large amount of silica, which allows it to store an electrical charge, and then to release energy and light. In addition, certain aspects of our system have the same properties of natural quartz.

There are variations in the crystal family, but the main types are:

* Clear Quartz, which is known as the Master of the mineral kingdom, because it can be empowered to work on any issue, and is used for everything--healing, balancing, meditation, etc.
* Rose Quartz is used on emotional level issues, and one of its focuses is enabling the user to realize higher levels of self-esteem and self-love.
* Amethyst is used on many levels. It is a stone of balance, and it can be used to develop higher consciousness as well as for healing and meditation.
* Smoky Quartz is good for grounding, and it can be used as guided by one's intuition.
* Citrine is known as "the merchant's stone," because it acts to bring prosperity, and it heals feelings of not having enough.

All quartz can be used on the different energy centers, or chakras, for balancing and opening energy fields to hold more light.

Recommended reading: Love Is In the Earth series, by Melody

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