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Feng Shui resources


Feng Shui is the Ancient Chinese are of placement and design, and sees sacredness in the earth, people and all types of dwellings.

We have many books to choose from that can introduce you to the different ways you can create healthy, harmonous environments based on the way energy Chi flows through a particular space, whether it's an office or your bedroom.

From the books you can learn ways of seeing and feeling the energy of the room, house, yard, etc. From just one book you can learn how to totally change any negative area in your home or office into positive, supportive energy.

There is an energy stream in everything. Because of the way a house is designed or where an office sits on a particular street, there can be areas of 'negative or empty' space that absolutely puts up barriers stopping the energy from flowing smoothly and blocking happiness, success, knowledge, prosperity and much more.

In Feng Shui you are taught to see these empty areas and are given suggestions on how to counter-act their influence by incorporating 'cures' into those spaces.

Some cures include: water fountains, crystal prisms, house plants, crystals, coins, statues, bells, candles, etc. Many we carry at the store.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn something that will enable you to determine how the energy flows in your home or office. This knowledge will put you in the driver's seat and in control of your environments.


  • Red Envelopes: Red is used to Activate: intention, etc. Place two Feng Shui coins in red envelope to enhance Luck, Prosperity and Happiness, and place on top the frame of a doorway.
  • Prosperity Coin Ball: Is a hanging ball made up of Chinese coins with tassells to enhance Prosperity
  • Dragons: Symbolic of Strength, goodness and the Spirit of change or Transformation


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