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Sound Wave Therapy can include several different tools and methods. I work with tuning forks, song pods, toning, and music.

Singing Bowls

Whether the bowl is metal or crystal, these bowls are attuned to Chakras and musical notes and they each balance a different area, depending on your need for relaxation, healing, or insight. We now offer Crystal Bowls that are infused with color and add that extra vibration. Crystal bowls also come with a handle which are perfect for practitioners to use with clients, surrounding their energy field with vibrations.

Tuning Forks

Tuning Forks produce pure sounds when tapped. The human body is like a resonating board to the pulses of the universe, since we are mostly made of water. Cells will resonate with the virbrations to the sounds they are surrounded with in daily life. These vibrations can be strengthening or debilitating, and the most harm comes from the fact that we are not aware that we are being affected.

When using tuning forks, energy blocks can be released and the physical system brought back into alignment. The sounds can also balance the spiritual, emotional and mental bodies by suing the tuning formk to create pure sounds that the nervous system and the whole body can attune to.

Song Pods

Song Pods are being used by energy workers, massage therapists, hospitals, music/sound therapists, and just plain people who love their sound!

The Song Pods are made of metal and contain Herkemer diamonds (which are healing crystals), meteor shards, antique beads, and magic. Autistic children have often "come out" to meet a Song Pod halfway. Babies in their mothers' wombs respond to a Song Pod serenade and critical care units in pediatric hospitals are rearking at sick babies' response to hearing the Song Pods.

I use the Song Pods to smooth out the energy field of the recipient who is with me for an energy session, and I have observered that the song pods bring joy and light to all energy fields.


Music is one of the most accessible forms of sound therapy--but don't take it lightly just because its so easy to get!

There is so much new music created every day in the music industry, and most of it is very healing. You can bring about transformation in the privacy of your own environment just by listening to the right music.

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